Borders Will Not Carry Magazine Containing Cartoons

April 6, 2006 at 3:40 pm (Culture, Politics)

Borders Group Inc., the owners of Borders and Waldenbooks stores, have recently announced that they will not be carrying the April-May issue of Free Inquiry magazine because it contains 4 of the cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad that have set off riotous protests and violence throughout much of the Muslim world, and they want to avoid any potential backlash against their customers and employees.

While I can empathize with their rational, I think this sets a bad precedent. They are basically rewarding those who protest violently by giving them exactly what they want. What if the radical-religious-right nut jobs start burning down gay bars and clubs and threatening the editors of alternative life style magazines? Would Borders stop carrying gay related literature for fear of reprisals? I read all kinds of things everyday that piss me off. Does that mean if I organize some kind of madcap rage across America every time Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell says something asinine I will be able to get their literature pulled off the shelf? The truth is that every book or magazine is probably offensive to somebody somewhere. If Borders pulled every item off their shelves that somebody found objectionable , they would go out of business.

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