This Is Why Guns Freak Me Out

June 22, 2006 at 10:10 pm (Culture, Politics)

This is why guns freak me out (scroll down after the jump). This fellow was a couple inches away from getting killed because his gun-nut neighbor shot a hole through their common wall while doing god-knows-what.

The gun control debate is tough for me. I hate guns, and it is hard not to let my personal bias cloud my thinking on the larger issue. I know there are people's liberties at stake. I know there are people who genuinely enjoy guns for hunting & target practice, and to their mind a gun is no more dangerous then a toaster. I know that guns make some people feel safer by providing a since of empowerment over their own protection. I know guns don't kill people; people use guns to kill people. I know our gun laws are largely ineffectual, and much like drugs, criminals who want guns will find a way to get guns regardless of how many laws are on the books to prevent it.

Having said all that, it still freaks me out that any law abiding moron in this country has such easy access to a tool that can so easily harm or kill another person, and I don't really understand why people who enjoy guns aren't freaked out about it too. I mean, just because you know how to use a gun safely and responsibly, doesn't me everyone will. I am sure there are some amateur scientists out there who would love to get their hands on some radioactive materials or Anthrax spores for purely scientific purposes , but of course that is not possible because in those cases the threat to public safety outweighs the rights of the scientists to obtain and safely use those materials. I think that most people across the political spectrum including our theoretical amateur scientists would agree that this is a good thing. These are the kinds of compromises that a free society makes when measuring their liberties against their safety. Although it might be cool to have a nuke in your basement to impress your friends, you don't want some nut or some idiot to get their hands on one, so you accept the fact that they aren't available to anyone; The enjoyment of owning one, does not outweigh the potential threat. I don't understand why this logic doesn't trickle down into the gun debate. I know guns aren't on the same scale as WMDs, but isn't there a little room for compromise?


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