Car Crazy

June 17, 2007 at 6:38 pm (Uncategorized)

There is an article in the Oped section of today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune by Eric Lundegaard titled “Baby, you should drive your car.” It tells of how the author received a notice on his windshield from the city of Minneapolis informing him that his car would be towed unless it was moved within 72 hours. The car was parked legally on the street where he lived, but the author, who usually walks or bikes to work, hadn’t moved it in several days and the neighbors called the city to complain. The implication being that people who have cars are expected to drive those cars at least once every couple days, and if they don’t, it is reasonable to suspect that the car has been abandoned.

Obviously, a rusted out heap with dandelions growing out of it that has not been touched in several months is a candidate for removal, but a well maintained car that sits idle for a few days until it’s owner needs it for grocery-getting or a camping trip is something the city should encourage.  A car that sits idle on the street is a car that is not contributing too traffic congestion or greenhouse gases.


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