Stuff I Like To Read

43 Folders

Merlin Mann writes about personal productivity and general life defragmentation in a way that is a lot more entertaining then it sounds. He is also the author of the very funny 5ives, and I recommend subscribing to his feed as well.


Like 43 Folders, Lifehacker is a personal productivity site that scours the web looking for applications and how-to guides that aim to save time and simplify our lives. In addition to linking to content, the Lifehacker editors also create their own detailed how-to guides, mostly for computer and web applications.

Cool Tools

Wired correspondent Kevin Kelly’s blog highlights one useful tool every weekday. The tool can be any book, gizmo, video, map or chart, hardware, website, or piece of software that transcends the usefulness of a similar product. Entries come from Kevin himself as well as reader submissions.


There are tons of consensus filters for web content out there these days, but Reddit is my favorite. It has a simple, clean interface and a simple up or down vote function for rating content. If I ever have a few spare cycles I find I can come here and find something interesting to read. They also publish a very clean RSS feed with direct links to content. One of the things that bug me about Digg, is that the links on their RSS feed are directed to the Digg entry instead of the source article, which means I have to take an extra step to get there. Sure, this is only like an additional 10-15 seconds, but that is like 2 hours in browsing years.

Cary Tennis – Since You Asked

Cary Tennis writes a “Dear Abby” Style advice column for I don’t normally go in for this sort of thing, but I really enjoy his writing style, and his advice is occasionally brilliant. Sometimes his responses to letters are literary gems in their own right. My personal favorite is this response to a fellow who was seeking advice on flirting.

Friends & Local

Lost Chocolate Lab

Damian is a local musician and sound effects designer. He keeps us up to date on the latest innovations in the world of noise at the LCL News Feed.

Diablo Cody

Author of Candy Girl. Diablo takes the “This is me, and this is my cat” style of blog and actually makes it entertaining. Also, she makes sex the casual water-cooler subject we all wish that it could be.


I used to work at the late/great Bitstream Underground, the ISP created by Lolife, and it was the best, and will likely remain the best desk job I have ever had. His blog is mostly a preaching-to-the-choir type liberal rant on politics, but assuming you are like-minded, it is very therapeutic. I also recommend the podcast, which has a certain irreverent charm. Mostly the same liberal ranting, often recorded on low quality audio while driving, unedited and uncut so you get the swearing at other drivers and everything.

Twin Cities Sidewalks

Good site keeping us up to date on Minnesota local politics, urban development, etc.

City Pages – The Blotter

From the City Pages staff. Highlight is the Morning Communique every AM which features 3 or 4 mini-news items, a Minnesota blog of the day, a couple links to the wackier places on the web, and a quote of the day. All easily digested over frozen waffles.

The Masticator 

This is a friend of mine who relocated to Brooklyn within the last year to make his way as a writer in the big city. Although The Masticator would be an awesome title for a food publication, the meaning here is abstact; the masticating of life, art, culture, and whatever else a midwesterner might might find intriguing in the Big Apple.


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